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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Picking out the purrfect gift for your fur children can feel like a challenge when there are so. many. options. Plus, they may or may not be spoiled year-round… (guilty as charged).

Here’s a few #TeamTomlinsons favorites to help narrow down your list:


  • SNOOP: A staff (and customer) favorite is the interactive Snoop from our friends at Planet Dog. Simply stuff with your dogs favorite food or treats and watch them try to wrestle out their reward.
  • CATNIP: Put this in your cat’s stocking and they just might stop plotting world domination for a few hours.
  • CHRISTMAS TOYS: Nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like your dog pulling all the stuffing out of a Santa toy, right? Plus, all Christmas items are 30% off!


  • BONES & HARD CHEWS: On top of being a tasty treat for your pooch, there are health benefits to feeding bones and hard chews from our Pet Deli. (Read more here.)
  • CHRISTMAS COOKIES: As if your dog couldn’t love cookies any more, they’re currently available in fun Christmas patterns!

New Bed

  • PET BEDS: Even when you regularly bathe your pet and wash their bedding, pet beds can get pretty stinky. Treat your pet to a cozy new bed this Christmas. (Added bonus: you’ll get *tons* of likes on an Instagram shot of their new bed in front of the tree.)
  • BLANKETS: Many pets love to burrow under the covers. Get them their own blanket so they can stop leaving yours covered in hair.

Collar/ Leash/ Harness

  • COLLAR & LEASH: After countless hours of play time, snuggles, walks, and runs, there’s a good chance your pet’s collar and leash have seen better days. Start the new year off on the right paw with a pretty new collar and leash.
  • HARNESS: Maybe your New Year’s Resolution includes going on more outdoor adventures with your pet- that’s where a harness would come in.

Strudel is showing off in the Pawsitive Karma giving tree at Tomlinson’s Far West.

Giving Back

  • Pound4Pound: Our annual Pound 4 Pound pet food drive is in full swing! Stop by your favorite Tomlinson’s store and donate a bag of healthy pet food, which will be matched by generous manufacturers- pound for pound. Our goal of 175,000 pounds will feed hundreds of Central Texas rescue pets for all of next year!
  • GIVING TREES: Rescue pets deserve a merry Christmas, too! Each Tomlinson’s location has partnered with a local rescue organization to showcase wish list items for some adorable adoptables.


What are your favorite holiday memories with your pets? Share with us in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page!

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