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A Comparison: Flea & Tick Medicines

Recent rains and mild temperatures mean one thing: BUGS, and lots of them. Specifically, fleas are out in full force. We've heard from many of you who are pulling your hair out over the persistence of these pests this year--the usual tricks are just not working. So, what can be done?
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Indoor Activities for Dogs: 7 Tips

Rain, sleet, or extreme heat can prevent pets and the people that love them from adventuring in the great outdoors. When that’s the case, what indoor activities for dogs can still give them the physical and mental workout they need? Here are some of our favorite tips to prevent doggie boredom when indoors:


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A Day at the Lotus Cannery

Brandon and Scott Click packing cans at the Lotus cannery in California.

There are many things to consider when choosing a pet food- protein, moisture content, guaranteed analysis, and cost- to name a few. But manufacturing facility and processes seem to slip our minds in the decision making process. At Tomlinson’s, we...
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Pet Poison Prevention: How to Protect Your Pet

March is Poison Prevention Month! Many of us are aware of some obvious household items are hazardous to our pets’ health: bleach, anti-freeze, etc. But while some items are clearly not meant to be ingested by our furry friends, others in the home are not so obvious. The good news: poisonous accidents can be prevented. Compare the following...
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5 Tips to Ease Your Pet’s Fear of Storms

Spring in Central Texas can bring with it some severe weather, often including thunderstorms and hail. We may be grateful for some much needed rain, but many dogs are quite fearful of the loud noises that come with these storms. So, what can pet parents do to ease our dog's fear...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Dental Health

  February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Dental care is equally important in pets as it is for humans, yet it is one of the most neglected areas of pet care. In fact, according to the American Animal Hospital Association, two-thirds of pet parents aren’t providing...
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