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Dry Skin in Dogs and Cats: How to Fix & Prevent

Dry skin making kitty itch? Read below for tips on keeping your pets' skin healthy during the winter months.

Cold weather means hot chocolate, extra snuggles with dry skin dog itchingyour pet and… dry skin. Humans can lather up with lotion, but winter also...
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Freeze Dried, Air Dried, & Dehydrated Pet Foods, Oh My!

As pet parents learn more about high quality nutrition for their four legged companions, questions arise about freeze dried, air dried, and dehydrated foods. They all are all similar in that they are without moisture, but are these terms interchangeable? Let’s take a look at each variety.


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5 Tips to Maximize Pet Food Freshness

(Photo: Holistic Select.)

Much of what we know about human nutrition can also be applied to our pets, and the same goes for shelf life of their food. Many perishable products like milk, canned veggies, and leftovers remain safe for human consumption 5-10 days after being opened or cooked (which is why we smell our...
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The Importance of High Moisture Diets

While there are many factors that go into choosing a dog or cat food, one that is not commonly discussed is moisture content. As discussed in our post on dehydration, even if you see your pet frequently lapping up from the water bowl, there’s a good chance he isn’t getting adequate water. Thankfully,...
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Pet Diabetes: How to Spot and Prevent

Labs are one of several breeds prone to diabetes. But the right nutrition and exercise will keep dog diabetes at bay, and your pet can live a long, healthy life. Tomlinson's Dog, Iceman, stays diabetes-free with his daily workout at the park near Quarry Lakes.

As we don Fall sweaters and set the...
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Snub-Nosed: 4 Things to Expect with Brachycephalic Breeds

This is a guest post from Sara Dumboski- pug enthusiast and manager at Tomlinson's New Braunfels. Sara is both a pet nutrition and customer service expert.   Do you have a Pug, Shih Tzu, Frenchie, Boston Terrier, or any of the equally wonderful snub-nosed dog breeds? If so, then lucky you! These...
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