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Welcome Home: 10 New Pet Essentials

Proud pup, Kaiser, on his adoption day at Tomlinson's New Braunfels.

So you’ve adopted a new pet... now what? Any pet parent will tell you that adding a four-legged friend to the family can be equal parts rewarding and eye opening. To make the transition...
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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet Food

Mr. Darcy sampled a variety of pet foods to see which best benefits his little body.

What is the absolute right answer when it comes to pet nutrition? There isn't just one; rather, it's whatever best suits the needs of your particular pet. And with so many pet foods out there, the...
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5 Tips: How to Transition Pet Food

When transitioning foods, make sure your pet gets plenty of water to help his tummy break down the new diet. Bonus: Raw diets like Austin's own Bones & Co. naturally contain LOTS of water!

There are many great reasons to transition pet food to keep your fur child guessing...
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Pet Supplements: Does My Pet Need Them?

This post is brought to you by Brad Bowdon, manager at Tomlinson's Cedar Park. Known as one of our “supplement gurus,” Brad is trained in natural pet nutrition and has years of experience in the pet food industry. You've done your research, and found a pet food made with...
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