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7 Facts to Know About the Dog Flu

You may have seen news of a canine influenza epidemic spreading across the country. But should you be worried about your pooch? Can your dog pass the flu virus to you? How can you protect your four-legged friend? This first and most important fact to note is that Read more

Hot Weather Help: Cat & Dog Dehydration

Hot Weather Help is back for a third week! Every dog parent expects her pet's drooly panting on a hot day, and every cat parent knows her feline can be finicky about drinking water. But in these hot Texas summers, how can we know when our pets are approaching dehydration? Read more

Hot Weather Help: Avoiding Dog Paw Burns

You know the feeling: frantically tip-toeing from your lounge chair to the edge of the pool so the bottom of your feet don’t burn on the hot pavement. But, did you know our pets also have tender toes? Avoid dog paw burns by knowing these facts and solutions:

What are paw pads, anyway?

Paw pads are...
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Hot Weather Help- Pet Heat Strokes

Texas summers get hot, hot, HOT. While it’s easy for humans to express when we’re too tired, hot or thirsty from from the heat, how do we know when it's too much for our pets? Since pets can't exactly speak to us, here’s what you need to know about animal heat strokes and how to protect your pet this summer:

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Playing Nice: 13 Tips on Dog Park Etiquette

Things are heating up here in Central Texas, and it’s time to hit the great outdoors! As you, your pup, and other Austin-Area pet lovers head to our many dog parks, a quick refresher on dog park etiquette ensures that all park goers have a safe and fun summer. Share...
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