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Why are Wheat, Corn, & Soy in Pet Food?

Just as we’re constantly learning more about human nutrition, pet parents are becoming better educated and are striving to provide better nutrition for their furry friends. And in recent years, we’ve learned that corn, wheat, and soy--all common pet food ingredients-- aren’t optimal food sources for dogs and cats. So, why are...
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Eight Resolutions for the Austin Pet Parent

The new year is here, and brings with it new resolve to re-shape ourselves into healthier, happier humans. As we aim to improve our own health, so too can we take steps to improve the health of and our relationship with our furrier family members. Here are a pet parent's 10 simple resolutions for healthier, happier pets in 2015:

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5 Tips to Ease a Pet’s Fear of Fireworks

The Fourth of July is a festive day to celebrate our nation with a bang. But while we're grilling with friends, our dog's fear of fireworks may have him cowering in the corner. Why do pets fear fireworks? It's instinct for dogs, cats, and many animals to fear sudden, loud noises....
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11 Poisonous Foods for Pets: (Not) Sharing is Caring

11 Deadly Foods for Pets   The holidays are here, and with them, the year's tastiest eats that tempt even our four-legged family members. And while it's difficult to deny those puppy dog eyes begging from underneath the dinner table, not sharing your 'people food' is often in the...
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