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5 Tips for Meeting New Dogs

We'll be the first to admit: we are that person who simply cannot resist loving on any dog that crosses our path. And since Austin is such a pet-friendly city, dog lovers are bound to run into new dogs at the store, park, or even our favorite restaurants. But, your excitement can be overwhelming and make some...
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Why are Wheat, Corn, & Soy in Pet Food?

Just as we’re constantly learning more about human nutrition, pet parents are becoming better educated and are striving to provide better nutrition for their furry friends. And in recent years, we’ve learned that corn, wheat, and soy--all common pet food ingredients-- aren’t optimal food sources for dogs and cats. So, why are...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bones and Hard Chews

  [caption id="attachment_4554" align="alignleft" width="300"]penny-goldendoodle Penny the Goldendoodle patiently awaits her bone.[/caption]   Bones and hard chews- like those in our Pet Deli- are fun, tasty, and great for mental stimulation and dental health. Here are our tips for keeping chew time...
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Small Animal Nutrition 101

Proper nutrition for small animals is the foundation for a happy, healthy life. Sure, rabbits love lettuce and mice love cheese, but is that all they need to thrive? Here’s a brief refresher course in small animal nutrition: Rabbits Read more

Tips + Etiquette: Off-Leash Dog Parks in Central Texas

Central Texans are particularly fond of two things: pets and an outdoor adventure. As our area grows and more people discover our public parks and trails, we each should pitch in to ensure our parks stay beautiful and safe for our fellow explorers.

Below are some top off-leash dog parks...
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Healthy Pet Food: Truth or Marketing Terms?

As pet parents, we understand the desire to feed your furry friends the best food possible. We also understand that it can be hard to navigate the sea of marketing terms like ‘premium,’ ‘healthy,’ and ‘natural’ and make an educated decision. So when it comes to healthy pet food, how do you distinguish between the truth...
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