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Pet Diabetes: How to Spot and Prevent

Labs are one of several breeds prone to diabetes. But the right nutrition and exercise will keep dog diabetes at bay, and your pet can live a long, healthy life. Tomlinson's Dog, Iceman, stays diabetes-free with his daily workout at the park near Quarry Lakes.

As we don Fall sweaters and set the...
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Snub-Nosed: 4 Things to Expect with Brachycephalic Breeds

This is a guest post from Sara Dumboski- pug enthusiast and manager at Tomlinson's New Braunfels. Sara is both a pet nutrition and customer service expert.   Do you have a Pug, Shih Tzu, Frenchie, Boston Terrier, or any of the equally wonderful snub-nosed dog breeds? If so, then lucky you! These...
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Feeding Raw, Part 2: Raw Pet Food Safety

Welcome back to our Feeding Raw series! This week, we take a look at raw food safety:

Is feeding raw pet food dangerous?

Yes and no. If stored or thawed improperly, raw food will fester with bacteria and become unsafe for both you and your pet. That being said, the risk is...
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Feeding Raw, Part 1: Why Raw Dog Food & Cat Food?

This fuzz ball is a raw convert! Photo: Bones & Co

Many pet parents are divided on raw dog food and raw cat food diets: some wonder how feeding raw meat could possibly be sanitary, while others wonder how you could feed your pet anything but pure, unprocessed ingredients. So, we’re debunking raw diet myths so...
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Pet Vaccines: Six Questions Answered

All good pet parents know that young puppies and kittens need the proper series of pet vaccines to start them off on a healthy path. But what about adult pets? What pet vaccines are legally required? Which are merely recommended, and how often? Let's start with the basics: 1. What does a vaccine do? A...
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