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5 Tips: How to Transition Pet Food

When transitioning foods, make sure your pet gets plenty of water to help his tummy break down the new diet. Bonus: Raw diets like Austin's own Bones & Co. naturally contain LOTS of water!

There are many great reasons to transition pet food to keep your fur child guessing...
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Pet Supplements: Does My Pet Need Them?

This post is brought to you by Brad Bowdon, manager at Tomlinson's Cedar Park. Known as one of our “supplement gurus,” Brad is trained in natural pet nutrition and has years of experience in the pet food industry. You've done your research, and found a pet food made with...
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Mosquitoes: How Heartworms are Contracted

This blog post is brought to you by Andrea Flinn, manager at Tomlinson’s Circle C. She is trained in pet nutrition, fosters dogs awaiting adoption and has years of experience in the pet food industry. Recent rains mean two things: fuller lakes, and the nastiest mosquito season Central Texas has seen...
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7 Facts to Know About the Dog Flu

You may have seen news of a canine influenza epidemic spreading across the country. But should you be worried about your pooch? Can your dog pass the flu virus to you? How can you protect your four-legged friend? This first and most important fact to note is that Read more

Hot Weather Help: Cat & Dog Dehydration

Hot Weather Help is back for a third week! Every dog parent expects her pet's drooly panting on a hot day, and every cat parent knows her feline can be finicky about drinking water. But in these hot Texas summers, how can we know when our pets are approaching dehydration? Read more