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Charitable Donations

charitable-donations-bastropTomlinson’s Pets often partners with reputable local rescue organizations to help homeless pets in our area.

Occasionally, valued customers request our participation in donation drives for their favored pet rescue or even their children’s school events. We regret that we can not possibly say yes to every request as we receive numerous appeals weekly, but we support as many as we can.

Before applying for a donation from Tomlinson’s, please note the following:

  • Tomlinson’s will only consider requests for product donations to events or charities that directly benefit pets or children’s schools.
  • Very seldom do we participate in paid sponsorships.
  • Our donations are limited to registered (501c3) charitable organizations that directly benefit local pets in need or to children’s schools located in the Austin area.
  • Due to the volume of inquiries, we require that donation requests be received at least 60-days prior to your event. We ask for notice this far in advance because our vendor partners often co-op these charitable efforts with us, and they need time to get donated product to us. The only exception to this 60-day rule is in the event of a natural disaster that requires immediate action for the relief of animals affected (like the Bastrop fires).

Please fill out the application below and email it to Tomlinson’s at least 60 days in advance and attach any documentation we might need to review.

Charitable Donations & Requests Form