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Cute Alert: Kitty Kube


Team Tomlinson’s has fallen head over paws for Kitty Kubes.

Here’s why you should take one home right meow:

Modern. The clean, simple lines of the kubes will look good in any space. The design possibilities are endless- which is purrfect for both your cat and your living space.

Easy to assemble. All pieces click right into place- seriously, it’s that easy. If your kitcat’s still not into it, check out these helpful tips.

Customizable. Whether you go for a single kube, spring for the starter kit, or add accessories, you can make your kube your way. (Err, the cat’s way. Because we all know they’re actually in charge here.) 

Sturdy. Anti-skid pads and stability straps will keep these kubes right where you put them. And, single kube has been proven sturdy enough to support 290 pounds… we’re pretty sure that’s bigger than even the piggiest kitty. 

Want to see these kubes in action? Head to our Leander and South Lamar locations and take a peek in the cat rooms!

Oh, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…Kitty Kubes are now on sale! For a limited time only, receive 30% OFF single cubes and starter kits!


Source: Katt3 Website

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