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Bark Boost

Bones and co AustinBark Boost is brought to you by Bones & Co., a top quality raw dog food made right here in Austin, TX- now found at all Austin-area Tomlinson’s stores!

Owner and craftsman Ryan Cummings sources all of his fresh ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible, and assembles these healthy formulas in a human-grade facility here in town.


barkboostBARK BOOST

Finally, a fresh whole foods supplement for dogs.  The Bones & Co. has developed a superfood supplement to add a fresh boost of organic goodness to your fur-kid’s meal.  Bark Boost is packed with nutrient dense, holistic ingredients from top to bottom.  From the cold-pressed greens to the organic turmeric, Bark Boost will be sure to put the pep back in your pet’s step.

Frustrated seeing highly processed high carbohydrate kibble take a toll on our pet’s health, we set out to create a fresh alternative to supporting your dog’s health.  Dogs are unable to fully digest whole vegetables, which is why we take the time to cold press and macerate our ingredients- providing the highest bio-availability possible.


ABOUT BONES & CO.BonesCoAustin

The Bones & Co is a local Austin business that puts dogs first. The heart of our philosophy is feeding dogs the way mother nature intended by using high quality ingredients from local suppliers and supporting natural and organic businesses whenever we can.

We believe pets first, business second. We will never put grains, by-products, fillers, or preservatives in any of our food. Instead, we’re proud of our dog food and we’ll show you every single thing that is in your pup’s food. After all, we have nothing to hide.

For more information on the numerous health benefits of feeding raw check out The Bones & Co. Blog or sign up for their newsletter for additional raw feeding tips.


clover phone pic




A 3 month old Brussels Griffon puppy, Clover was recovering at Central Texas SPCA from sarcoptic mange. After adding Bark Boost to her normal diet for one week, the folks at CTSPCA noticed major improvements. Not only was she much more energetic and playful, but her nasty eye discharge had completely subsided.

Thanks to the natural wonders of Bark Boost, Clover was happy and healthy enough to go to her furrever home!




Victorino on the day of his rescue (left) and 30 days later (right).




Currently in the care of Austin Boxer Rescue, Victorino needed to completely heal from the inside out. He came to the rescue nearly 30 pounds underweight, infested with fleas and internal parasites, and was suffering from severe cases of demodex and sarcoptic mange.

In addition to frequent ‘spa treatments’ and lots of TLC, Victorino began gobbling up Bark Boost with his daily meals. His foster parents are overjoyed to report that he is healing both physically and mentally- making great strides in strength, confidence and enthusiasm.