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Bravo Pet Foods

A family-owned business located in Manchester, CT, Bravo Pet Food pioneered the raw pet food category when it introduced Bravo Blends in 2002.bravologo2

Today, Bravo offers a host of products for dogs and cats, all made from the finest, most nutritious ingredients like antibiotic-free poultry, responsibly harvested fish and select cuts of meat.

And, you can rest assured that their multi-step process meets strict food safety guidelines while keeping the food as close as possible to its natural state.

Bravo firmly believes in giving pets the best so they can be at their best- that’s what their make good happen™ slogan is all about.


Why Bravo?


bravo raw pet foodIngredients

Raw meat, poultry and fish provide the essential amino acids animals need to build lean muscle.

Fiber-rich plants and natural herbs regulate the GI system and minimize digestive upsets.

Leafy vegetables contain natural antioxidants that can help maintain good circulation and strengthen the heart.

Essential fatty acids help combat common skin conditions and promote a lustrous coat.

Protein-packed ingredients and high quality fats provide the fuel dogs and cats need thrive on.



Simplicity: Bravo believes that less is more. Their limited ingredient diets are beneficial for pets with sensitive digestive systems, and many holistic veterinarians believe that formulas with minimal ingredients are less likely to contribute to food intolerances.

Quality: Bravo uses nothing but the most nutritious ingredients, prepares them according to strict food safety standards, and refuses to include any added preservatives, hormones, grains, artificial flavors or colors.

Variety: Bravo Pet Foods offers an extensive selection of protein types and formulas. With all these nutritional options, you can find the right diet for your particular pet.

bbquadConvenience: Bravo raw diets come in several chub sizes as well as patties in individual EZ peel wrappers, which makes them easy to thaw, portion, serve and store.

Safety: The company is committed to providing the healthiest, safest diets and treats for your pet. A 9-step pet food safety process meets strict standards for pathogen control while keeping our foods as close to natural as possible.

Value: When you compare the cost per serving of Bravo products to that of comparable brands, you’ll be impressed. They are committed to offering premium quality products at an affordable price.


Source: Bravo Website