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Diggin’ Your Dog

diggin.logoPassion before profit. Safety before cost. Because we DIG your dog!

Founded in 2009, the folks at Diggin’ Your Dog have done the detailed homework so you don’t have to. In so, a line of treats and supplements for dogs was created to keep pets happy and healthy. Each and every ingredient is all-natural, meaning you’ll never find fillers, preservatives, or other synthetic materials. From the meats and fruits all the way to the bags and labels, all products are grown, raised, sourced, made and packaged in the USA.


Charki Puffs

Beef lung coated in a special liver sauce, all slow roasted to perfection, Charki Puffs are your dog’s new favorite treats!

But no need to fret when Fido becomes addicted. With only two ingredients- 100% USA natural beef lung and 100% pure liver- this low fat, high protein, grain free treat is equal parts nutritious and delicious.




Firm Up!

Just add water! Firm Up Pumpkin is a dehydrated supplement that supports digestive and immune health. Upset tummy? Firm Up. Transitioning diets? Firm Up. Routine digestion and bowel function maintenance? Firm Up!

Also available in Pumpkin + Cranberry! The combined powers of these superfoods help support digestive and urinary tract health, all in the same dehydrated formula we know and love.


Source: Diggin’ Your Dog Website