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After hosting frequent animal adoptions at his own pet stores, Rocky Kanaka realized a sad cycle: no matter how many pets were adopted into forever homes, many more animals were coming into shelters every day. 

Peanut Butter for DogsAnd, due to shelters’ limited resources, many pets couldn’t get the healthy foods their bodies need to thrive.

So in 2011, Rocky set out to solve this problem in a big way, and Dog for Dog was founded.

DOG for DOG has one simple mission: For every item sold, an item is donated to help a dog in need. 

Every DOG for DOG product is Made in the USA. And with a focus on only good-for-you ingredients, DOG for DOG is as good for your pet’s body as the donation is for the rescue community.

Stop by any Tomlinson’s location to stock up on DOG for DOG DogsButter, DogBars, or DogTreats!





DOGSBUTTER Original is composed of nothing but high quality ingredients, including all natural peanuts and golden flaxseed, without any added sugar, salt, soy, or hydrogenated oils. This all natural treat will satisfy your dog, while providing lasting energy and nose-licking entertainment.

DOGSBUTTER is easy to serve by the spoonful or on top of a favorite toy. The healthy snack makes for a great way to feed medication to stubborn dogs.



DOGSBAR_Blueberry__02782_1417828819_460_756Made with blueberries or peanut butter, oats, flaxseed, sunflower seed, and brown rice,  DOGSBAR™ is an excellent occasional treat for high energy or otherwise healthy weight dogs. We have it on good authority that humans find them tasty too…




83_17_0333__20936_1403809420_460_756DOGSTREATS are available in two sizes: Medium- great for most dogs and Mini- perfect for small dogs and as training treats.

DOGSTREATS are made with fresh fruits & vegetables and are a healthy reward for your dog! Feed these as a quick bite when you leave the house, or break them up into small training treats.

Made in the USA, DOGSTREATS are available in chicken, duck and peanut butter and are wheat and corn free.


Source: Dog for Dog Website