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FURminator creates safe, efficient and comfortable grooming tools for dogs,furminator cats and other companion animals. Their safe, soothing grooming tools enhance relationships between pet parents and pets by making grooming time easy and even fun, rather than a nightmarish chore. 

FURminator’s product lineup includes deShedding tools, grooming tools, hair care products and bathing and hygiene solutions.



  • Does not cut or damage your pet’s coat
  • Drastically decrease shedding using the deShedding tool
  • The most popular deShedding tool on the market
  • Reduce hairballs by eliminating loose hair for your cat or small animal to ingest
  • Alleviate allergies by removing loose hair and dander
  • Removing loose hair brings out the natural shine and beauty of your pet’s coat
  • Range of sizes to properly and painlessly groom pets of many breeds




Simply use your FURminator once or twice a week for 10-20 minute per session. The deShedding tool will remove any coat that has shed from your pet’s skin- both top coat and undercoat.

The undercoat is the underlying problem of shedding and is the majority of hair that you see in your house. In some long hair breeds of dogs, the undercoat is longer and gives the appearance of being the topcoat.

The undercoat regulates the pet’s body temperature. Since the FURminator does not cut or damage the coat, you do not have to worry about removing coat that your pet needs to stay warm or keep cool.


Looking to deSHED, deYUCK, or deOUCH? Head over to your nearest Tomlinson’s Feed & Pet Supplies location and pick up a FURminator product today.


Source: Furminator Website