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HerbsmithLogoThrough their lines of treats, herbal blends and supplements, Herbsmith, Inc. seeks to redefine the way the world views herbs and animal wellness. The Wisconsin-based company strives to educate the public about the benefits of their unique herbal solutions and improve overall animal wellness. Through high quality herbal blends and continued support of carefully selected charities, Herbsmith aspires to positively affect animals around the world.

Herbsmith blends are based on traditional theories of health and wellness. Herbs are sourced individually from specific areas of the globe, where the climate and quality of the soil combine to provide a far superior growing environment to anywhere else. Each batch of herbs is then re-tested in the U.S.A. to ensure purity, authenticity and safety.



Smiling Dog & Sassy Cat

Smiling Dog and Sassy Cat treats are meat-based with balancing fruits and vegetables and are made without grain, fillers or artificial preservatives.

Simple ingredients like salmon, turkey, beef and chicken were chosen to reflect your pet’s natural diet.

Sourced and made in the U.S.A., these treats help bring your canine and feline friends into a whole new state of health and wellness.


Microflora Plus

Microflora Plus is a complete combination of probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and herbs to support proper digestion and bowel health.Microfloraplus

Specially formulated for dogs and cats by practicing holistic veterinarian and Herbsmith founder, Dr. Chris Bessent, this digestive supplement provides a full spectrum of quality ingredients in a convenient blister pack to seal out moisture and capsules to ensure the viability of the probiotics.

Adding a probiotic such as Microflora Plus to your pet’s diet is important for maintaining healthy gut bacteria throughout your pet’s life, and can help when transitioning diets or during tummy upsets. Supplemental use of Microflora Plus will help your pet break down proteins, starches, cellulose and fats while supporting bowel health.



Source: Herbsmith Website