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Since 2009, HuggleHounds has been creating unique and truly durable dog toys and accessories.

As dog parents and dog lovers, HuggleHounds founders Julie Krauss and Bob Flynn knew was something missing — design-driven and highly-styled pet products, combined with the greatest material technology and maximum durability.

They’re now on a mission to design products to make all dogs happy; because HuggleHounds loves happy dogs!hhtoys

Tuffut Technology

Lots of companies claim to make durable toys. So, what makes HuggleHounds different?

The unique double-layer Tuffut Technology lining – easily identified by its firefly green color. This innovative lining means every Tuffut Technology toy comes equipped with:

  • Two hidden layers of the signature firefly green fabric (tested to withstand 100 pounds of tugging and pulling pressure) laminated to one another. They’re then affixed to the outside, plush fabric layer before it’s cut and sewn into the toys.
  • One layer is made of polyester mesh with 3D nested breathable construction.
  • One layer consists of 190D, a high density Oxford polyester, which reinforces the toy and prevents damage – it’s what’s lamented to the outside layer using heat to form a protective lining.
  • HuggleHounds uses heavier thread for seams than other toys, and more “stitches per inch” than typical dog toys.


Source: HuggleHounds Website