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K9 Natural

K9-NaturalFind a variety of K9 Natural products at Tomlinson’s Feed, including raw diets, freeze-dried foods, and treats.

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New Zealand-based K9 Natural crafts frozen and freeze-dried raw diets for dogs. Made with 90% meat, blood, bone, and offal (organ meats), plus 10% fruits, vegetables, egg and green lipped mussel, K9 Natural will have your pup at his peak state of health and wellness.

K9 Natural diets includes two unique ingredients: blood and green lipped mussel.

Blood is:

  • Added back into the food from the main protein source.
  • Increases the moisture content
  • Adds back many critical nutrients

Green lipped mussels are a great source of:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondrotin
  • Vitamins and minerals- all of which aid in the maintenance of healthy joints.









These frozen and freeze dried K9 Natural foods also feature a high natural ratio of omega-3s and omega-6s, free range and grass fed red meats, no additives or preservatives, no starchy carbs, and are grain free and high in protein.

What makes K9 Natural different than other frozen raw diets?

  • Traceability: each bag of dog food can be traced back to its original source, region, and farmer.
  • Ingredients: each and every ingredient is carefully selected from the best New Zealand has to offer.
  • Testing: to ensure all K9 Natural foods meet the highest safety standards, every batch is extensively tested.
  • Research: diets are backed by scientific research, guaranteeing dogs receive everything they need and nothing that they don’t.

Learn more about K9 Natrual from founder Geoff Bowers:


Source: K9 Natural Website