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KOHA Pet Food

Find Koha Pet food in Austin and Central Texas at any Tomlinson’s Feed location. Clean recipes, novel proteins, and beneficial ingredients make Koha a Team Tomlinson’s favorite.

About KOHA

In New Zealand, the word Koha primarily means ‘the gift of food.’

Founder Lonnie Schwimmer was inspired by his own pets, Bruno & Ellie, after countless hours of searching for a suitable food left them frustrated and with no viable options. And so, Koha was born.

Koha is proudly made right here in the USA. Whether you’re looking for a novel protein, a limited ingredient diet with a single protein source, or just an overall quality canned food- look no further.

Searching for a specific formula? Call your neighborhood location and a friendly member of Team Tomlinson’s will assist you.

The “Gift of Food”

  • Clean Recipes – High quality animal proteins. Fresh, beneficial ingredients. No fillers. Finally- a simple, clean ingredient deck.
  • Novel Proteins – Unique proteins like kangaroo, guineafowl, and venison, are great for pets with sensitive stomachs, skin issues, or food allergies. 
  • No Cheap Fillers – Corn, wheat, soy, grain, and potatoes are cheap, overused fillers that are some of the leading culprits of weight gain, digestive issues and skin problems. That’s why Koha doesn’t include them in any recipes.
  • Beneficial Ingredients – Koha dog formulas include New Zealand green mussels to promote joint health, and pumpkin to provide digestive support, while cat formulas contain cranberries for urinary tract support.



Source: Koha Website