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Licks Pet Supplements


Since 2011, Licks pet supplements has been crafting pill-free supplements for cats and dogs. Find a variety of Licks supplements in Austin, TX at all Tomlinson’s Feed locations.


Why Licks Pet Supplements?licks.variety

  • Made right here in the USA.
  • Ingredients are all natural, and organic when possible.
  • Shelf life not dependent on refrigeration or preservatives.
  • Formulated with the help of veterinarians and food scientists.
  • Patented formulation process increases effectiveness and activation speed of products.
  • Full line of supplements to benefit dogs and cats, including: Skin and Allergy + Shiny Coat, Zen Calming Aid, Hairball Remedy, Joint + Heart, Senior Formulas, Multi-Vitamin Feeding Aid, and Urinary Tract Care.

Liquid vs. Pills

Maximum effectiveness– Licks Pill-Free Solutions have a 98% absorption rate, allowing for smaller, yet more impactful doses. The <20% absorption rate of capsules and pills can’t compare.

Fast acting– The patented liquid formula is absorbed and goes into your pet’s bloodstream more quickly than pills or capsules, meaning you’ll see the positive impact of Licks products in less time.

All natural– Each and every ingredient in Licks products is all natural, meaning there’s no harsh chemicals or negative side effects.

Easy to administer– Licks can be given directly from the package, sprinkled over food, or squeezed onto your pet’s paw.



Source: Licks Website