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Open Farm

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The Open Farm Story

Based in Toronto, Canada, Open Farm began creating healthy, environmentally-friendly, and ethically sourced pet foods in 2013. The family knew there was a better, more responsible way to provide top nutrition to our companion animals.

“As pet owners and animal lovers, we set out to make a pet food that you can feel good about feeding your pets. Made from quality ingredients that are sourced ethically and sustainably, Open Farm provides a healthy and humane option for your furry family member. We believe that our pets are our family, so we should feed them like family.”

Open Farm is a firm believer is quality and transparency. Want to know exactly what is in your pet’s food and where it came from? Enter the batch number on the back of the bag in their tracability feature.


Open Farm may be on a mission to change pet food industry ethics for the better, but that doesn’t mean relaxing their nutritional standards. In every bite of Open Farm pet foods, you’ll find:

  • Human grade meats with NO byproducts, hormones or antibiotics
  • High protein level exclusively from fresh meats
  • 100% grain free, including NO wheat, soy, or corn
  • Complemented with non-GMO fruits and vegetables
  • Never any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

Animal Welfare

Open Farm only sources meats from third-party verified humane farms. By sourcing from suppliers following specific animal care practices, Open Farm is the first Certified Humane pet food.

Animals from Open Farm’s suppliers are:


  • Fed quality, vegetarian diets
  • Given ample space to roam- no crates, cages, or ties allowed
  • Provided a clean resting space with proper care
  • Offered easy access to food and water
  • Exposed to reduced stress during feeding and transportation


our-partners_vancouver-aquarium-ocean-wiseour-partners_terracycleour-partners_monterey-bay-aquarium-seafood-watchFrom farming to fishing and packaging, Open Farm’s sustainable business practices aim to reduce their business’s environmental footprint through:

  • The first nationwide bag recycling program.
  • Partnerships with leading seafood sustainability organizations
  • Wild, ocean caught, seasonal fish
  • When possible, locally grown produce


Source: Open Farm Website