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Safari Grooming Tools


Safari Grooming Tools is a collection of professional-grade brushes, combs and other grooming aids for cats and dogs. 

Made by the trusted Coastal Pet Products, Safari products are durable, well-made tools that are built to last and easy to use. 

With Safari Grooming Tools, you can safely and easily:

  • Remove mats in your pet’s coat
  • Detangle pet hair
  • Brush out loose hair and dirt
  • Comb out and remove fleas

  • Trim and file nails
  • Trim hair around eyes, face, paws and tail
  • Massage pet’s coat for health and added shine






safaritrioHead to your nearest Tomlinson’s Feed location to find a range of Safari Grooming Tools, including:

-Slicker Brushes
-Curry Brushes
-Nail Clippers
-Flea Combs
-Mat Removers
-and more!


Source: Safari Website