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Wondercide Natural Products

untitledTogether with scientists, professors and holistic veterinarians, Wondercide Natural Products develops natural and organic flea, tick, and grooming products that don’t use harmful chemicals or synthetic pesticides.


The active ingredient in Wondercide Flea & Tick products is cedar oil, which has been used for centuries to protect from pests (think Grandma’s cedar chest!).Natural Flea Treatment

Cedar oil works by blocking octopamine, which is necessary to regulate heart rate, movement, and metabolism in “bad bugs” like fleas and ticks. When cedar oil is present in the area, pests are repelled. When contacted by cedar oil, pests die.

Wondercide is dedicated to ecological, ethical, and social standards that make the world a healthier place. From formulation to fulfillment, all products are guaranteed “Made in the USA”. To eliminate the possibility of pesticide poisoning to your loved ones, Wondercide encourages you to treat nature with nature.


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Source: Wondercide Website