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Nature’s Variety


All of our Tomlinson’s locations carry Nature’s Variety raw diets and a variety of Nature’s Variety kibble and canned foods.


Nature’s Variety Raw

Raw food is the most natural form of nutrition for your dog and cat – as evidenced by the astounding results our customers experience every day. Freedom from allergies, help with weight loss, and improved skin and coat are some of the amazing testimonials we receive.

Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Diets lead the industry as the first to be scientifically substantiated through AAFCO Protocol Feeding Trials. Nature’s Variety offers complete and balanced, ready to serve raw diets for dogs and cats.


Prairie is a holistic kibble that delivers optimal nourishment through simple, natural ingredients. Fresh meat, poultry or fish, hearty whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables provide balanced, holistic nutrition for dogs and cats.

Ingredients like menhaden fish meal and ground flaxseed contribute healthy omegas to help nourish a dog’s skin and coat. Additionally, each piece of kibble is coated with freeze dried raw food for pure nutrition and great taste. Prairie Kibble for dogs is complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages.



Instinct Grain-Free Diet

It is your pet’s instinctive nature to eat more meat, poultry, or fish and less grain. Instinctive nutrition will help your pet thrive. Instinct kibble and canned diets are 100% grain-free and gluten-free. Many pets with grain-related allergies have found relief with a grain-free diet.

Click on the arrow below to watch a video about the benefits of rotation feeding. You’ll hear from a certified clinical nutritionist – and other devoted pet parents just like you – about the positive results of the one and only Nature’s Variety Rotation Diet.



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