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Nulo Pet Food

All Tomlinson’s stores carry the complete line of Nulo Freestyles for dogs available in canned and kibble formulas as well as Nulo Freestyles for cats in canned and kibble formulas.

Based right here at home in Austin, TX, Nulo set out to be a different kind of pet food company with no short cuts and using only the finest natural ingredients.

Nulo Healthy Dog Food AustinSo, Nulo created unique recipes using fresh chicken, lamb and salmon and paired them with yummy things like apples, and carrots.

We also made a promise to keep Nulo products the freshest recipes you’ll ever find on the store shelf or to arrive at your door. Our blends are made and distributed in smaller batches to ensure they spend less time on the shelf and taste better when they land in the bowl.

Good pet nutrition should be simple and Nulo is proud to live up to our promise of keeping pets active and healthy for years to come.


Nutritional Features of all Nulo formulas:

  • Sea & Land Protein-Pairing – Nulo’s special blend of complementary marine and land-based proteins provide a combination of essential amino acids for optimal muscle and cell development.
  • Grain-Free – Some dogs have sensitivities to grains like rice and wheat. We leave out the grains, and opt for low-glycemic carbs like chickpeas and sweet potatoes.
  • A Patented Probiotic – Nulo is powered by a pure probiotic strain that provides guaranteed survivability compared to other probiotics as it is able to withstand the heat of food processing.
  • Optimal Protein to Fat Ratios – Our nutritional formulas are based on optimal protein to fat ratios for varying lifestyles, muscle-building, and energy levels.
  • No Corn, Wheat Gluten, Soy or Artificial Preservatives, Colors and Flavoring. That’s Our Promise.

Go to the Nulo website to find out more.

Nulo Pet Food Austin