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Nutro Pet Food

nutro-pet-food-austinTomlinson’s locations carry a variety of Nutro Pet Foods within the Natural Choice® for dogs and Natural Choice Complete Care® for cats lines.

Looking for a specific product or formula? Call your neighborhood store to ensure it’s in stock. If not, we will gladly order it for you.

Why Nutro?

From our high safety standards to our guaranteed health benefits, we’re more than natural. We’re The Nutro Company.

Safety & Quality

  • We own our Nutro pet food facilities in TN, CA, and, MO.
  • We conduct 600+ quality checks a day.
  • Quality experts work onsite to ensure we meet all safety standards and certifications.
  • Dedicated sanitation experts oversee sophisticated daily cleaning and supervise at least one complete shutdown for in-depth sanitation per week.
  • All facilities are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygiene Practices, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – all regulated by the FDA.

Tailored, Natural Nutrition

Like you, we care about what goes into your pet’s food. We buy our own ingredients and can trace all of our natural ingredients back to their suppliers. Real animal proteins are the #1 ingredient in each food, supported by whole produce and healthy fats.

NATURAL CHOICE® Pet Food contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Our formulas also contain no chicken by-product meal, corn, corn gluten meal, wheat, rice flour, soy protein or menadione (a synthetic source of vitamin K). 

Commitment to Sustainability

As a natural pet food company, The Nutro Company believes in the importance of sustainability.

We first and foremost believe in safe, adequate, sustainable nutrition for pets in order to maintain good health. This means we improve the nutritional quality of our pet food and prevent overeating, which has the added benefits of reducing raw materials used and avoiding wasting resources.

Nutro-pet-food-austinWe recognize our responsibility and are committed to the planet by reducing the impact of our products and operations on the environment.  Our 2015 targets are to reduce fossil-fuel energy, greenhouse gas emissions and water use by 25 percent, and to send no waste to landfills. Long term, we are committed to using no fossil fuels, emitting no greenhouse gases, and, by 2040.

In addition, we responsibly source our raw ingredients and are working to understand their impact because they make up the largest percentage of our environmental footprint.

Source: Nutro Website