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Rawsome Bones

Rawsome Bones are made in Kansas with 100% human-grade meats and bones, as are their treats and pet foods.

Find Rawsome Bones at any Tomlinson’s Feed store in Austin and the Central Texas area. Looking for a specific Rawsome product? Call your nearest Tomlinson’s to check if we have it. If we don’t, we’ll special order it ASAP.

We love Rawsome products, because their meats are: 

  • Only the highest quality human-grade 
  • USDA-inspected and antibiotic-free
  • Without added hormones or steroids
  • Free-range and raised in the Midwest using sustainable agriculture

Rawsome foods are biologically appropriate for your pet, meaning that they mimic your pet’s diet in the wild. Their foods are nutrient-dense and contain highly-digestible sources of vitamins, minerals and bio-available phytonutrients.

RawsomeBisonTreatsRawsome was founded with the goal of improving the health, happiness, and lifespan of pets through proper, species-appropriate nutrition.

Rawsome is also an earth-friendly company. Rawsome prides itself on only using farms that use sustainable agriculture to help preserve our earth for future generations. Rawsome uses only biodegradable cleaners and recycles all waste. All packaging is 100% recyclable as well!

Tomlinson’s offer a full-range of Rawsome products for all of your pet’s needs, including:

  • A variety of sizes and kinds of frozen recreational and raw meaty bones for the heath of your pet’s teeth, gums, and jaw.
  • A line of dehydrated treats perfect for training or as a healthy reward.