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Real Meat Jerky Treats

Real-Meat-Jerky-Treats-AustinFind Real Meat Treats in Central Texas at any Tomlinson’s Pets location. Tomlinson’s carries a variety of Real Meat’s Stix and Bitz treats for dogs and cats, as well as food seasoning supplements.

Since 2003, Real Meat Treats have been made from the finest free range grass fed meats with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Real Meat gently prepares its treats using minimal ingredients, low temperatures and lots of care to produce natural soft jerky treats, one of the finest available.

Simply the best training treat, soft, easy to carry, healthy and easy to feed in and out of the ring!

Or, toss your pet a tasty jerky stick as a reward, or on your way out the door to calm separation anxiety.

Source: Real Meat’s Website