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Sustainably Sourced Pet Food: 14 of Tomlinson’s Favorites

The New York Times published an enlightening article yesterday about the inhumane conditions many fishermen endure in Thailand; forced labor, unthinkable living conditions and stolen wages- all in the name of pet food. (You can read the full article here.)

We know many pet parents are in search of sustainably sourced pet food that is healthy for their pets without being detrimental to the environment or fellow man. At Tomlinson’s, we chose to align ourselves with pet food makers that not only make healthy and tasty pet foods, but also abide by ethical and transparent business practices.

Sustainable Canned Cat Food

Daron Matsuura, President of Lotus Pet Foods in Torrance , in the lab where he explains the human-grade ingredients and high nutrition of Lotus cans. Photo by Brad Graverson.

We can confidently say that the following sustainably sourced pet food companies closely monitor their supply chains and do not use ingredients obtained illegally or using forced labor, as mentioned in the Times article:

  • Acana and Orijen– Both brands are a part of the Champion Pet Foods family and are produced and sourced solely in Canada.
  • Lotus Pet Foods– This line of baked and canned food is baked in Canada, canned in California and uses ingredients sourced from New Zealand and North America.
  • Weruva– While some of Weruva’s fish comes from Thailand, they are members of multiple quality assurance organizations that ensure respectable working conditions throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Bravo Pet Foods– Made only in the U.S., the ingredients for this raw diet are sourced from France, New Zealand and North America.
  • Canidae– Select ingredients are sourced from New Zealand and Europe, but Canidae is produced solely in the United States.
  • Fromm– All lines and formulas of Fromm pet foods are made and sourced exclusively in the USA.
  • The Honest Kitchen– THK sustainably sources its salmon from Canada, haddock from Iceland, and whiting from Scandinavia.
  • Rad Cat– This raw diet specifically formulated for cats is sourced and produced in the good ol’ USofA.
  • Nulo– This Austin based company makes all of its products right here in Texas and only works with fisheries in compliance with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program.
  • Open Farm– Not only does Open Farm partner with numerous sustainability organizations, their unique traceability feature allows consumers to track down the origin of each and every ingredient.
  • Primal– All meats, game and poultry in Primal Pet Foods raw diet can be traced directly to New Zealand and the US.
  • Stella & Chewy’s– The premium meats that make up these raw and freeze dried formulas come from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, and are manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Tucker’s Bones– This raw diet is made and produced using ingredients only from USDA Certified facilities in Canada and the USA.
  • ZiwiPeak– All ZiwiPeak dog and cat food formulas are soured and produced in New Zealand.

Fur-siblings Liam and Lila searching for some Stella & Chewy’s


If you have questions about any of our pet foods or products, specifically regarding this issue, feel free to contact us at [email protected].






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  1. Is Merrick not sustainably produced? Thanks, Leslie

    • Heather

      Hi, Leslie. The Merrick website didn’t provide enough information for us to confidently include it on this list, but we’ve reached out to our partners there for more information.

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