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Tips for People & Pets Exploring Austin’s Outdoors

Jazzy is all smiles at Walnut Creek.

Austinites are particularly fond of two things: pets and an outdoor adventure. As Austin grows and more people discover our public parks and trails, we each should pitch in to ensure our parks stay beautiful and safe for our fellow explorers.

Here are some of our tips to make your next outing as fun–and safe–as possible.


Hazards to Watch For


Lexi can get all her zoomies out at the off-leash dog park.

Hiking the greenbelt with your pup is a great way to spend the weekend.

When traipsing the trails, keep an eye out for these common hazards:

  • Strong Currents: Be aware of any currents in the lake, river, or creek when swimming with your dog. Never get too close to a dam. A doggy life jacket is never a bad idea!
  • Flood-Brought Debris: Recent, heavy rains, will mean strong currents and lots of tangly debris.
  • Stagnant Water: No rain means stagnant water- the perfect environment for bacteria and pesky insects. Fresh drinking water for both you and your pup is of utmost importance.
  • Human-Brought Debris: Sadly, not everyone respects our public parks and environment. Be watchful for any broken glass or other dangerous trash. Better yet, bring a small bag and pack out any trash that you see!


Off Leash Parks

While the city of Austin requires your dog to be on a leash, there are many great off-leash dog parks around town. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Red Bud Isle
  • Walnut Creek District Park
  • Emma Long Metropolitan Park
  • Shoal Creek Greenbelt
  • Davis White Northeast District Park
  • West Austin Park
  • Zilker Park
  • Auditorium Shores (just a portion!)
  • Onion Creek District Park
  • Norwood Estate
  • Pace Bend Park
  • Bull Creek District Park
  • Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park
  • Bull Creek District Park







Zeus and Molly love Saturdays at Auditorium Shores.

Friendly Reminders

  • Always keep your dog on a leash in parking lots and along major roadways. Even if you can trust your dog, you cannot trust drivers.
  • Make sure Fido is up to date on vaccinations.
  • With the abundant water in these areas, pesky insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos will be plentiful. Keep your pooch current on these medications to avoid any issues.
  • Beware of hot pavement, as it can burn your pup’s paw pads.


Sources: City of Austin, Austin Parks Foundation

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