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Vital Essentials

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Founded by Gerry Nash in 1968, Vital Essentials makes complete and balanced raw frozen diets, treats and freeze-dried foods for cats and dogs.

All Vital Essential products are made using USDA-inspected meats, meaty bones, and whole organ meats, and you’ll never find grains, fillers, preservatives, byproducts or artificial coloring. Feel confident knowing Vital Essentials is sourced, made and packaged solely in the United States and follows strict food safety standards.

Purely Raw. Instinctively Healthy.


The Alpha Prey Model Diet

Vital Essentials frozen raw foods for cats and dogs are formulated based on the Alpha Prey Model Diet- meaning all meats are single-source and used provide the essential, natural nutrition our furry friends need. This diet is rooted in the belief that our pets are carnivores and thrive best on food that mimics their ancestor’s diet of prey in the wild.

In addition to superior overall health and wellness, other benefits of feeding Vital Essentials include:

  • healthy digestive system
  • strong bones
  • shiny coats
  • clean teeth
  • improved energy
  • healthy skin
  • weight control







Source: Vital Essentials Website