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Surviving The Summer Heat

It's TOO HOT. Here's some helpful tips on how to protect your pet from the summer heat.

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Pet Heat Strokes

While it’s easy for humans to express when we’re too tired, hot...
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Fleas Leave Us Alone

The April showers have passed (hopefully), and summer is in sight! We’re thriving… but so are fleas and ticks. Should they pounce onto your pet, these pesky insects can cause mild irritation, like constant scratching, or serious health issues, such as Lyme disease and tapeworms. Read more

Pets + Pollen Allergies

Spring in Central Texas brings bluebonnets, beautiful weather… and pollen that coats everything in a lovely shade of yellow and gives us all the sniffles--often, including our pets. But, how do you know if your pet is suffering from a pollen allergy, and how do you help?

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The Low-Down on Limited Ingredient Diets

If you or a loved one has a food sensitivity, you're careful to avoid the offending ingredient: no peanut butter nearby, dairy be darned, and gluten be gone! Like humans, pets have food sensitivities. However, they are unable to communicate their symptoms, so we often miss their ailments, allergies and/...
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Cute Alert: Kitty Kube

CALLING ALL CAT LOVERS! Team Tomlinson's has fallen head over paws for Kitty Kubes. Here's why you should take one home right meow: Read more

Starting Fresh: 7 Pet Nutrition Changes with Big Benefits

A New Year brings new opportunities to make small changes that reap big rewards on our wallets or waistlines. And it's no different with pets: small adjustments to your pet's nutrition can bring big improvements...
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