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Rescue Appreciation Week 2016 Results


Behind every happy adoption story is an army of rescue volunteers who dedicate their time, money, and love to all that goes in to bringing those pets in from the streets and to a forever family.

To show our appreciation, Tomlinson’s brought back Rescue Appreciation Week!

From July 22nd to 31st, every bag or can of Lotus Pet Food purchased at Tomlinson’s was DOUBLED & DONATED to a local animal rescue.

This year, we collected

11,133 pounds

of pet food for animals in need!


These donations keep local rescue animals healthy and well-fed, while freeing up the rescue’s financial funds for medical care and other needs.

Before ADR started receiving food from Tomlinson’s, we were not in a position to regularly provide food to our fosters as most of our funds go to medical cases.


Since we now receive generous donations from Tomlinson’s, we don’t have to allocate money for food and can keep funding medical cases…You guys really are helping to save lives.”


-Anne Ford, Austin Dog Rescue

How did your favorite store and rescue group fare? Check below!


Airport Blvd.- 1,093 lbs.


Allandale- 1,171 lbs.

pugrescue .

Cedar Park- 1,244 lbs.

lifelongfriends .

Circle C- 1,042 lbs.










Four Points- 1,186 lbs.


Lakeway- 1,088 lbs.

N. Braunfels- 274 lbs.


Round Rock- 1,210 lbs.









South Lamar- 1,310 lbs.




Westlake- 771 lbs.

Don't Bully Me Rescue



12th Street- 743 lbs.

Austin Bully Butt Rescue